ShoreTel Unified Communications

How we communicate today

Business phone systems hardly changed after they were introduced in the 1950s: an on-location PBX managed multiple phone lines and routed calls. Sure, there were technical advances and add-on services enhanced performance, but communication was basically limited to voice.

Today, however, there are countless ways to email, text, buddy, share, video chat, conference—and place a call. This brings tremendous advantage by increasing the speed of business.  But it also spawns equally tremendous complexity. How can IT departments keep up with administering and securing a multitude of  applications? Fortunately, there's a better way.

Unified Communications: Putting it all together

Beyond a "phone system" - it's a communications platform

ShoreTel makes unified communications easy

Enter ShoreTel. We build phone systems with unified communications (UC) built in, not bolted on. This means that we integrate all the key components for robust business communications—voice, email,  instant messaging, presence (i.e., being able to check the availability of a co-worker), calendaring, video and audio conferencing and desktop sharing—into one seamless package.

Other vendors provide pieces of this puzzle.  They may offer a desktop sharing solution.  Or they may offer video calling, or messaging. But it's rare to find a company that offers an entire suite of enterprise-quality quality communications tools designed as integral pieces of the the core IP PBX business phone system.

ShoreTel is that company.  Our UC solutions eliminate communications complexity for both end users and system administrators. We "purpose-built" our VoIP business phone solution to ensure that all components worked with minimal configuration and maximum flexibility, to relieve IT departments (and their budgets) of the cumbersome, complicated and redundant tasks required by systems from other vendors.