Security Awareness Training

Cybercrime is a reality and you and your business will be targeted, that is a fact! Solarus Technologies provides our customers the best protection possible, but that is not enough.

30% of all data breaches occur because of unintentional human error. Your employees are the weak link in your defense against cybercrime.

To address this issue we have introduced Security Awareness Training because just one employee in a weak moment clicking on a phishing email or bad link can cause untold grief, losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars and massive legal bills.

Our Security Awareness Training teaches your employees how to defend themselves and your business against cybercrime by knowing how to recognize it, in any form and how to respond when targeted.

Our Security Awareness Training program is fun and informative and most importantly will raise the level of security awareness in your business and protect your information.  Our set up process is quick and efficient making it easy to implement across your business. 

Protect your business and register today. Don’t be a victim, be aware. 

Security Awareness Topics Include:

• What is personal identifiable information?

• Internal and External Threats

• Phishing Scams

• In-depth review
• Video on spotting phishing scams
• Interactive quiz

• Phone Scams

• Passwords

• Wi-Fi Dangers

• Physical Protection – Devices

• BYOD Dangers (Employees using personal computers, tablets, phones, accessing company information)

• Clean Desk Policy, information you never want exposed to wandering eyes.

Security Training Process

• Your company is quickly provisioned

• Your employees self-register

• Employees take security training class
- Training includes slides / text
- Engaging videos - some say videos are actually fun!
- Quizzes including a phishing quiz

• Employees can start, stop, continue training
- System knows where they left off
- Employees work at their own pace
- Training takes around 1 hour to complete

• Employees take 20 question security quiz
- Demonstrates knowledge of material
- True / False and Multiple choice

• Employees need 80% or better to pass
- Can take the quiz as many times as needed
- Random questions make each attempt unique

• Employees print training certificates

• Employer has access to the Training Report
- Shows scores of each employee

• On-going security tips and reminders
- Videos / articles on protecting sensitive information
- Keeps employees thinking about security